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There will also be a blog discussing 2019 trends, giving some tips about sprucing up your office spaces and the importance of having great furniture to compliment and improve your lifestyle.

Check out our updated ‘About Us’ page as well, to find out more about us as a local Tasmanian-owned and family-run business. We’re passionate about the health of our fellow Tasmanians and offer respected advice that’s truly tailored to every unique customer, because we care about helping you, not making a quick sale. Learn about our team and the depth of knowledge we have – we can definitely help you find the right products and ensure customer satisfaction.

Stay tuned for our new updates and keep your eyes peeled for the best office furniture models and designs – they’re all here, at Flair Office Furniture.


What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of systems and processes within varied environments that affect and alter the functionality of humans, making sure they are able to perform to the best of their ability within those specific conditions.

So, in an office space Ergonomics are crucial, as they affect every worker’s ability to do their job properly and to the best of their ability. Being passionate about our customers, the Flair team strive to be educated about Ergonomics, and to have the correct knowledge in applying this to each unique customer. Everyone is different, and the products they require will alter depending on their specific needs. That’s where we come in.

Hours in a chair – why not make it comfortable and beneficial?

It seems like an obvious statement to make, yet it’s startling just how many people put up with a chair that isn’t suited to their specific requirements and is potentially doing more damage than good in the long-term. The Flair team can offer friendly advice, as well as quality knowledge and expertise regarding which chair would best suit you, and why. It’s time to make a change and get educated in the importance of Ergonomics with Flair.

Quality and personalised designs.

At Flair, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that everybody type is different, as well as the fact that many people may have had unique experiences or injuries that alter their ability to work effectively. Our team will ensure that the products you purchase will promote positive productivity and be uniquely comfortable for you.

Control the way your body responds.

Ergonomics are crucial in understanding what’s right for your body and posture, as well as working to minimise the risk of back or neck pain and unnecessary pressure on the spine. You can get the most positive outcome for you, and your health into the future, by purchasing an ergonomic design like the amazing selection we offer at Flair.

Wellbeing, productivity and heightened job performance.

When your body is in the best position blood flow is increased, and your brain is able to respond and concentrate to the best of its ability. Overall employee wellbeing should be paramount for all businesses, that’s why we believe it’s crucial to be comfortable and productive in every workplace. We offer solutions for all businesses, whether it’s height-adjustable desks, innovate chair designs or alternative seating options – whatever your needs and limitations, we can match you to the perfect product and ensure you and your employees are working to the best of your ability.

State-of-the-art designs.

Flair stock an incredible range of products and designs like you’ve never seen before. Our products allow for freedom of movement, permitting you to change positions throughout the day, increase productivity and work like never before. We do not view office furniture as static equipment – there are so many innovative models out there, models that will revolutionise the way we work. Flair stock some amazing designs that are sure to impress, as well as change your working lifestyle.

Come in to test out our models today!

AFRDI Certified

AFRDI stands for the Australasian Furnishing Research & Development Institute, whose aim is to discern whether furniture complies with the Australian and New Zealand standards, regarding safety and proper support systems for all users.

This applies directly to chair designs, and it is acknowledged that the AFRDI standards are perhaps stricter when compared to International European standards. This is great for Australian consumers because the chairs with AFRDI certifications have been ergonomically-designed and thoroughly analysed, ensuring their positive benefits to human productivity and wellbeing.

Flair Office Furniture is a dedicated, local supplier of amazing ergonomic seating options, offering sound advice on specific models and can recommend the perfect chair for your body type and individual needs. Flair stock numerous chairs with AFRDI certifications, making them one of the top suppliers of quality modern furniture in the state. The Flair team care about your health and want to ensure your sustained wellbeing, meaning they won’t just sell you any chair, but will go the extra mile to make sure the chair you take home is the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

The AFRDI certifications are a no brainer – if it’s a certified piece of equipment, it will help increase your productivity, be extremely comfortable, adjustable and last longer. So, take action for your health, visit Flair Office Furniture and chat to the team about the range, or browse the AFRDI Certified chairs right here!

2019 Trends

Whether you’ve made a space your own at work, dressed up a cubicle, spread out on a desk or consider a home study your place to be most productive – these are trends that apply to everyone working at a desk.

Growing trends suggest that people want comfort and practicality – what feels good to sit on for 7 hours a day, plus moves with the body and can be adjusted to suit individual needs? Most chairs on the market do the standard alterations – seat moving forwards or backwards, chair rising or descending to suit leg length, optional arms etc. But what differentiates a GOOD chair from a GREAT one?

We now understand and appreciate ergonomics more than ever, realizing the importance of being supported correctly throughout the day. Ergonomically-designed chairs and desks are on the rise for a great reason and once people understand the benefits, they’re willing to pay, for having the right office set-up means prolonged productivity and increased health and wellbeing. Who doesn’t want that? Check out the Nicholas Chair to see what we mean.

This line of thinking is also crucial for the health and wellbeing of our children, who are spending more and more time on computers, or in seated positions playing on iPads or mobile phones. Bad posture can develop early, and potentially lead to back alignment issues in the future. Purchasing an ergonomically-designed chair for the family computer could be a great way to reduce these risks, ensuring that if your kids do end up spending 5 hours on the computer over the weekend (hopefully doing a bit of study, as well as playing games) then at least their backs are genuinely supported!

But it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ game. You must try a few options to find the perfect one for your body and needs. That’s where Flair office Furniture can help.

Also, there are so many colour options these days! Ensuring the chair, desk or other equipment blends seamlessly into your chosen interior isn’t a hassle anymore. Plus, making a space inviting and pleasant to be in will help your work ethic and overall mood. So, considering colours, shapes, lighting, the general materials used and accessories such as plants are all elements of a positive and great office space. These are the trends we are definitely seeing more of.

Plants are a hot item right now, and it’s funny considering we’ve always known they’re natural air purifiers and have been proven to boost positive moods. So why all of a sudden are they ‘cool’? Well, they’re cheap to buy nowadays, and there are so many species out there! Don’t get much sun at your desk, or any at all? Try Dracaenas, a Snake Plant or a Maidenhair Fern. Artificial plants are also growing in popularity, proving that the positive effects of having greenery in any office space are recognized and increasingly put into practice, with plants trending this year.

Bright colours also brighten people’s days, but you may not want a blazing orange desk or chair in your home office, especially if it’s part of the living space. Why not incorporate a colourful lamp or keyboard? Try a patterned rug or mousepad. There are many ways to bring come colour into your everyday and keep that productive mood flowing.

There are also understandable trends towards modern desk technology, for the new designs can accommodate for workers sitting and standing, which allows the body posture to change, increased blood flow through the legs and the option to alter positions through the day. Our height adjustable desk range offer perfect examples of this great technology!

So many trends, so little time. Unless you’re on your lunch break, then it’s the perfect time to check out the Flair Office Furniture range! Take a browse through our great products now.